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Hi, My name is Garry Martin, from Australian Rural and Australian Farm Sales.

I have been a property agent for over 40 years, an auctioneer for some 35 years and a property valuer for close to 30 years.

During my time I have sold and valued a range of  properties from Avocado farms through to Yabbie farms and also everything in between.

In the following we will provide 5 short hints and some practical advise on how to best get your property with a SOLD sign on it.

Some of the information contain within this document may seem very simple, but you will be surprised who many sellers make such simple mistakes and cost themselves a sale.


Hint No 1- Making The Decision


Making the decision to sell the farm can often be a difficult decision to make, especially if the property has been held by the family for some time.


It should be made with all partners and owners of the property.


Once the decision has been made to sell, your next step should then be to tell any employees or staff of your decision to sell and probably why.


I have had over the years plenty of owners say they do not want to tell the staff in case they go looking for another job.


Let me assure you if you do not tell them and they hear about the sale from some-one else they will more than likely leave then.


Also get your story right as to why you are selling, could be because of health, age or wanting to move on.

It is far better for you to get the right message out there than to have the “local gossip” start to tell all and sundry why you are selling, when you are selling and for how much.

In our next Hint we will give you some ideas on how the price your property right for sale.

For now this is Garry Martin until next time.